I’m Frisk, I go alternatively by FriskyGoat and FriskyGote on the Internet. My preferred pronouns are he/him. I self describe myself as goat, total trash, and a furry.
I were born and still reside in Poland, currently a student.

In free time I code very small things as a hobby, play video games, watch anime, maintain Matrix server and help out on a few wikis nyaaa. I laugh at my own jokes. As far as my interests go, I’m interested in topics of privacy, security and wikis (part of volunteer team at Fandom/Gamepedia) and I also enjoy slow walks in the summer nights.

I have dedicated a separate page for my various opinions on things. It’s not an exhaustive list completely explaining every little detail, it’s also not a static collection of views. I sometimes revisit that page and update it as my opinions change. If you ever want to engage with me in relation to them, please stay constructive and understanding, thank you ^^

Other than that, I’m very happy to share links to various Internet resources and websites that I personally find fun/educational/interesting. I highly recommend you check it out!