If you know me, you know I really like cute demonic creatures. Why? I don't really know. Perhaps its the horns, perhaps the spaded tail or maybe different body color... Or perhaps its grounded in psychology of cutifying "forbidden fruits". You can only live so long raised in christian hell-hole until you go crazy and accidentally invert the good/bad values and representations. Either way, I find some demons simply adorable and if anything happened to any of them I'd kill everyone in the room and then myself. This page is my own little shrine to spread around the word about how adorable demons can be!


An image showing red demon making a cute expression of surprice and curiosity

An adorable and incredibly innocent critter from Fostering Apocalypse. She is still a kid and a harmless companion who just wants some kind soul to spend her time with.

Rating: Absolute cutie

Anthon Juan Basilis

A shot of (not so) Naked Prince's head watching in awe beautiful landscapes from car

A demon prince with traumatic past from this short film by BIGMAMA (warning: blood, death, homophobia). I've only seen maybe 2 minutes of him but it was more than enough to fall in love with this absolutely adorable face and personality. His past is traumatic and it tells an incredibly sad story that is relatable even in today's age. I'd love to keep him close and comforted far from violence, he deserves it.

Rating: Absolute cutie


A shot of Bartholomew – a cute demon from a video game

This cutie is actually from another video game called A NIGHTMARE'S TRIP. He is a hella cool dude who just wants to run away from family drama.

Rating: Absolute cutie

Now go do satanic ritual or something. :3