There are a couple of opinions I want to share about the world. This list is in constant development, as I articulate my opinions and learn about the world.

Software ๐Ÿ–ฅ๏ธ

I’m a believer in free software, I think when you use computer software you should have at least been given a chance to understand how it works and make sure it doesn’t use you (exploit your data, do anything malicious in the background). I believe this philosophy would lead to more ethical world of software with more focus on the user rather than serving financial benefits to software corporations.

Piracy ๐Ÿดโ€โ˜ ๏ธ

Considering everything I’ve read about this problem I think the majority of piracy cases are caused by poverty and even if piracy was completely eliminated in these cases, publishers or creators wouldn’t benefit from people touched by this problem at all, since they wouldn’t buy the product either way. Other major cases of piracy I’ve heard about are from people who in the past legally owned given content, but due to its unavailability or DRM they can no longer access this content, I believe they are morally entitled to acquiring the product in this way under those circumstances. Another reasonable use-case for piracy would be to use given content to see if it’s worth buying. As it seems file-sharers do buy content legally even more than regular customers as explained in Copy-Me video. I believe that in this case as well there is no issue pirating content.

Those are only a few examples why piracy occurs, there are of course many other issues with legally obtained media, more recent being abundance of media-streaming platforms splitting content between all of them and creating very hostile and unprofitable market for customers. Some industries also create very problematic issues in availability of content by licensing it only for distribution in specific countries which is often the case for movies.
Piracy became a โ€“ very often โ€“ much friendlier alternative to garbage quality of service provided by legally working services (DRM, late content etc.). With further widening pay differences, expensive media, morally questionable decisions made by industries, piracy being antagonized this situation will lead to serious issues in the future. Media โ€“ art, video games, movies, music are all not optional for continuous human development and mental health, they are part of what social creatures as ourselves need in our lives, opposite to what many corporate figures fighting with piracy would like us to believe, and what marketers in same corporations would say is not true.
So while you sail the deep Internet seas, do remember to also support creators of media you love. Find ways to directly support the creators and get rid of the middle-man. Arr.

LGBT ๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€๐ŸŒˆ

LGBT (referring to queer in non-derogatory meaning) issues are very important to me. As a queer person living in extremely conservative country all of the issues that affect this community affect myself as well. And the only acceptable reality for me is one where lives of ALL people, queer or not are equally treated and have same rights. I live to see the world in which love is the driving force in our society, not hatred, or fake love, but love. Today’s youth gives me hope for better future, even with so many distractions of today’s world, a lot of them have hearts in the right place.

Religion โ›ช

I heavily sympathize with ideas of The Satanic Temple and share most if not all of its sentiments. In my opinion theistic religions are inherently harmful to an individual and humanity. Many theistic religions are the source of โ€žfake loveโ€, a love that is conditional, or one only in the name, which is closer to hidden hatred towards others than actual love (see LGBT situation in religious countries). Religious belief requires ignorance, which in today’s day and age with so many technological and scientific advancements, with so much more knowledge about history โ€“ย no longer justifies a belief in all-knowing, all-powerful and loving deity.

Theistic religions harmed, and continue to harm me and many others, which is why I’m and will be opposed to them.

Capitalism ๐Ÿ’ฐ

Well, that sucks, I’m sure we can do better, but I’m not clever enough to know how to.

National politics

Jebaฤ‡ PiS.

Privacy ๐Ÿ‘€

Privacy is a very important topic which is often talked about today but not much is being done in direction of it getting somewhere. When offered a choice of privacy or comfort many still will choose comfort without any compromises.
Arguments such as โ€žOh just think of the children!โ€ and โ€žI have nothing to hideโ€ are so popular as a response to privacy activists and as damn annoying as much as they are untrue. One of the most dystopian ideas that truthfully scare me is AI learning based on behavior of all publicly available Internet interactions and using that data to predict risk of someone doing x thing. A future where AI can decide based on data whether someone violated or will violate the law and lead to arrest of a person. Psycho-Pass should stay fiction, not reality.

At this point I feel rather nihilistic about this topic. I’m still very concerned about my own privacy, but had given up on being strict about it. I allowed more information about myself to be public, be it here or on proprietary platforms like Discord, out of convenience. I still advocate for more private communication with others (for example by hosting private Matrix instance) and usage of other open and secure services, however I no longer feel like using them all the time.


There are some other opinions and thoughts I’d wish to put in here, however out of fear of being cancelled or them affecting my future badly, I do not talk about them publicly.