Video games, oh the video games. Wonderful time wasters, therapeutic hedonistic gems or blood boiling puzzle games and scary spooky horror games. Made with blood, sweat and tears of many, played by enthusiasts and casuals alike. Connecting and dividing people. Sweet sweet video games.

Game Description Estimated Time Played Estimated Last Time Played GOAT scale

I’ve replayed this game 3 4 times (6 8 if you count each separate run). All of my playthroughs were done on neutral/pacifist route and ended with true pacifist ending. I’ve become so attached to the characters in this game, that after first playthrough I couldn’t use fight button again. Music, atmosphere, gameplay, jokes, story… It all made this game the best I ever played. And even if it sounds daft, I’ve learned a lot from this game. I believe that after playing it, I’m better human being. One year after first playthrough update.

(A copy of this game had been kindly provided by @Hudeler, thank you!)

50 hours + 30 January 2018 GOAT
Minecraft Minecraft, oh, who doesn’t know this game. I’ve spent so much time playing it. I followed Minecraft since official release 1.1. And when I play, I play only with my friends or on servers with minigames. Can’t say this game wasn’t a big part of my life, giving me a lot of fun for years and befriending others through it. I play it to this day, and I’m not ashamed of it. I love this game. Counted in years (no joke) Still playing GOAT

Factorio is a game about automatisation, machines, robots, monsters and all of the crazy stuff. There is also modding possibilities. Worth to play, especially in multiplayer.

(A copy of this game had been kindly provided by @Hudeler, thank you!)

60 hours + ? 8
Terraria Duh, bosses, dying, sandbox, dying again, weird floating skulls… A classic. 70 hours + ? 8
FTL: Advanced Edition Pretty challenging game in which you need to use strategy in order to destroy big annoying ship at the end. Game have many ships available and has quite a lot of content. If you like challenges and funky RNG then this game is for you. 20 hours ? 6
Super Hexagon Don’t do drugs kids, do Super Hexagon. It’s as addicting as any kind of drug, truthfully challenging (but not annoying) and colorful as Asriel Dremurr’s attacks. 10 hours ? 7
Oxenfree Oxenfree is a short game, it had its great moments and overall I liked it a lot. I like slightly creepy games with some paranormal stuff going on, that you have to figure out, and this is what the game offers to us. ? ? 7
Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a sort of farming simulator but also much more. At first when I saw the game I weren’t too interested, it looked like another addicting and super time consuming game that will just draw me in and not let go until I fall asleep in chair. Then I bought it and downloaded, played in multiplayer and I found exactly what I expected, but now I were interested. I very much like the game, it actually has more content than I first expected.

UPDATE: I replayed the game on a new save when the 1.4 version came out, Krobus - an absolute husbendo material can now be your roommate. This isn’t marriage but it gives even more adorable moments with this shadow cutie. I love it.

50 hours + ? 8
Alien Shooter & Alien Shooter 2 To be honest, I have a very nostalgic feeling to Alien Shooter, it was one of the first game I played as a kid. This is why I bought them two even though the games don’t have a Linux version. Both played using Wine. 35 hours ? 6
Need to Know Ever played Papers Please? It’s sort of this experience but more focused on being an unethical government worker who protects their country from those pesky terrorists! Glory to Arstotzka the USA! 10 hours ? 5
Deltarune Ok, I know the game is a huge work in progress, only the first chapter got made and released. However it really deserves a place in here. Toby Fox games hold a special place in my heart, and I did enjoy the first (and second) chapters of the game! I’m worried about the future of Deltarune, since Toby seems exhaused after making Undertale and Deltarune, however I really hope he finds the right help to make Deltarune a great game! I don’t think it will top Undertale, but it doesn’t need to. I believe it will be great even if it was just 50% of what Undertale was. I cannot wait for the rest to get released. It will be a instabuy for me. 3 hours ? 7
Night in the Woods I’ve watched full playthrough of this game, and watching it made me think about life in general plenty of times. It has existencial topics, it touched on mental health issues, had dark themes and gay relationship. I really loved the story the game told us and boy it was great. At first it was boring, but at the end, I’m so glad I saw it all. Definitely a recommendation from me. 9 hours ? 7
Changed Honestly, it’s a niche game and I don’t have a lot to say about it. I wish there were more games covering similar theme. ? ? 4
Owlboy I liked Owlboy! A fun game with boss battles that were just difficult enough to make them still enjoyable. The story also wasn’t bad at all! 10 hours ? 6
Super Animal Royale

Look, I’m not a huge fan of battle royale genre, but this one isn’t that bad, it got animals in it. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have some fun in it, shame it bought into exploitative microtransactions trend.

(A copy of this game had been kindly provided by @Hudeler, thank you!)

733 hours + ? 4*
Great Troubles A furry yaoi game, heh. I enjoyed it! Vincent is cute! Wish there were more games in this genre :< ? ? 5
Ori and the Blind Forest Very very well done game. It’s fluid, with good progression, great abilities and really nice design. 20 hours ? 7.5
Ori and Will of the Wisps Similarly to previous title from this series, really good game 20 hours ? 7.5
Gunfire Reborn Very fun rougue-lite furry game to play with friends! 206 hours + Still playing 7
Disco Elysium A great political detective RPG. 25 hours ? 7.2
Tower of Time Still not finished old game 30 hours Still playing 5
Human Fall Flat Walking simulator with puzzle elements, played with someone and it was pretty ok. 8 hours Still playing 5
Payday 2 138 hours ? 4*
Armello I’m not a good strategist. 24 hours 27 December 2018 4*
Dust: An Elysian Tail Fine furry game. 18 hours ? 5
Helldivers Pretty darn fun. ? ? 5
Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop :thumbsup: 5 hours 17 August 2019 4
Slime Rancher Hell yeah, farming slimes, if only you could turn into a sl- Good game. ? ? 6
Deponia (all of it) Never again someone is tricking me into playing a game with so many damned puzzles. Fuck. ? ? 5
Hat in Time Cute and enjoyable game, cat DLC best DLC. ? ? 6.7
Portal (1 and 2) Very nice, classic ? ? 6.8
For the King Actually really fun gem, kinda wish I played it a little bit more ? ? 6.2
The Talos Principle I love such games. Sure, it’s a puzzle game, but there is just so much more to it. The themes, the lore, the philosophy. I can forgive it being a puzzle game because it just had so much in it that really made it a worthy experience. ? ? 8
Rebel Galaxy I don’t think I ever finished this game but it was alright. Space ships go vroom. ? ? 4
Guacamelee! Enjoyable! Like! ? ? 6
Mark of the Ninja I like stealth and I like designing traps. Cool stuff. ? ? 6
Door Kickers: Action Squad Really neat Co-Op game ? ? 6
Goat Simulator Why does everyone expect this game on this list? Yes, I played it, it was alright ? ? 4
Overcooked Would overcook that burger again. ? ? 5
Cat Quest 1 & 2 Meow ? ? 4
Enter the Gungeon I’m not very good at those games. ? ? 6
Frederic (and bunch of its versions) Musical games where you hit the notes to music, actually was pretty darn better than I expected. 4 hours 22 September 2018 6.1
KHOLAT While I love game with like mystery vibe that have a lot to explore and it’s kinda a walking simulator, it didn’t have enough to make me finish it. Nevertheless it was a fine and well crafted environment. 4 hours 1 February 2019 5
Kingdom: Classic Not a strategist, but was fun when it lasted 1 hour 30 December 2017 5
missed messages. Teen emotional game something ok 1 hour 14 June 2020 4
Nekojishi I played this game? For real? Well, ok, it has big cat husbendos but lol. 3 hours 17 May 2018 5
Orwell Yay, surveillance and no privacy. Let’s be the good bad guys! 6 hours 22 August 2018 5
Splatter - Zombiecalypse Now Had a few good dialogues, I wanted to try some old gem and it was pretty alright 5 hours 6 January 2021 4.6
Team Fortress 2 Heavy best class 52 hours 19 August 2020 4*
Teddy Floppy Ear - Mountain Adventure Yeah, I don’t know either 2 hours 14 July 2018 3
Amnesia: The Dark Descent Again, type of puzzle game I don’t have much of patience for, also there was some horror but who would be actually scared of that 5 hours ? 4
BattleBlock Theater Was good. 16 hours 29 July 2018 5.1
Witcher 2 Still no patience and Linux native port was garbage ? ? 5
Ziggurat Was enjoyable ? ? 5
Demonpact: Clarice I need to finish this game. It has one of the best dialogues I’ve seen in my life. 3 hours + Still playing 5
Jotun: Valhalla Edition ? ? 4
To The Moon Emotional type of game but it was good. ? ? 5
SimCity™ 4 Deluxe Edition Oh I played the shit out of it when I were a kid, a classic for me 50 hours + ? 7
SOMA Mmm, I like the monster/infection stuff ? ? 5
Butcher ? ? 4
Project Zomboid Will this game ever come out of early access? ? Still playing 5

Rating details

GOAT Scale is a scale of how GOAT given game is. Score is calculated in a very scientific, objective, neutral, apolitical, standardized, perfect way. In short, I'm making them up.

Scores with * at the end mark games where the overall score had to be lowered due to one of the following factors: microtransactions, forced DRM, other anti-consumer situation.

Currently awaited games:
  • Cult of the Lamb - I mean, do I have to say much in here? Obviously it's one of the titles I'm waiting for.
  • Deltarune - At time of writing this is 2021, Deltarune Chapter 2 has been released and I played it (I'd hate to have it spoiled). This is an absolute banger of a game that will require years to complete. I think it's undeniable that Toby Fox is an absolute fucking genius and he might just do the impossible and beat his other absolute monster of a game – Undertale. Deltarune has it all - perfect musical finery to complement witty humor, (extremely) mysterious and leaving in suspense action in a video game. This game has heart in it already and we've only seen 2/5 chapters so far!