Video games, oh the video games. Wonderful time wasters, therapeutic hedonistic gems or blood boiling puzzle games and scary spooky horror games. Made with blood, sweat and tears of many, played by enthusiasts and casuals alike. Connecting and dividing people. Sweet sweet video games.

Game Description Estimated Time Played Estimated Last Time Played GOAT scale

I’ve replayed this game 3 4 times (6 8 if you count each separate run). All of my playthroughs were done on neutral/pacifist route and ended with true pacifist ending. I’ve become so attached to the characters in this game, that after first playthrough I couldn’t use fight button again. Music, atmosphere, gameplay, jokes, story… It all made this game the best I ever played. And even if it sounds daft, I’ve learned a lot from this game. I believe that after playing it, I’m better human being. One year after first playthrough update.

(A copy of this game had been kindly provided by @Hudeler, thank you!)

50 hours + 30 January 2018 GOAT
Minecraft Minecraft, oh, who doesn’t know this game. I’ve spent so much time playing it. I followed Minecraft since official release 1.1. And when I play, I play only with my friends or on servers with minigames. Can’t say this game wasn’t a big part of my life, giving me a lot of fun for years and befriending others through it. I play it to this day, and I’m not ashamed of it. I love this game. Counted in years (no joke) Still playing GOAT

Factorio is a game about automatisation, machines, robots, monsters and all of the crazy stuff. There is also modding possibilities. Worth to play, especially in multiplayer.

(A copy of this game had been kindly provided by @Hudeler, thank you!)

60 hours + ? 8
Terraria Duh, bosses, dying, sandbox, dying again, weird floating skulls… A classic. 70 hours + ? 8
FTL: Advanced Edition Pretty challenging game in which you need to use strategy in order to destroy big annoying ship at the end. Game have many ships available and has quite a lot of content. If you like challenges and funky RNG then this game is for you. 20 hours ? 6
Super Hexagon Don’t do drugs kids, do Super Hexagon. It’s as addicting as any kind of drug, truthfully challenging (but not annoying) and colorful as Asriel Dremurr’s attacks. 10 hours ? 7
Oxenfree Oxenfree is a short game, it had its great moments and overall I liked it a lot. I like slightly creepy games with some paranormal stuff going on, that you have to figure out, and this is what the game offers to us. ? ? 7
Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a sort of farming simulator but also much more. At first when I saw the game I weren’t too interested, it looked like another addicting and super time consuming game that will just draw me in and not let go until I fall asleep in chair. Then I bought it and downloaded, played in multiplayer and I found exactly what I expected, but now I were interested. I very much like the game, it actually has more content than I first expected.

UPDATE: I replayed the game on a new save when the 1.4 version came out, Krobus - an absolute husbendo material can now be your roommate. This isn’t marriage but it gives even more adorable moments with this shadow cutie. I love it.

50 hours + ? 8
Alien Shooter & Alien Shooter 2 To be honest, I have a very nostalgic feeling to Alien Shooter, it was one of the first game I played as a kid. This is why I bought them two even though the games don’t have a Linux version. Both played using Wine. 35 hours ? 6
Need to Know Ever played Papers Please? It’s sort of this experience but more focused on being an unethical government worker who protects their country from those pesky terrorists! Glory to Arstotzka the USA! 10 hours ? 5
Deltarune Ok, I know the game is a huge work in progress, only the first chapter got made and released. However it really deserves a place in here. Toby Fox games hold a special place in my heart, and I did enjoy the first (and second) chapters of the game! I’m worried about the future of Deltarune, since Toby seems exhaused after making Undertale and Deltarune, however I really hope he finds the right help to make Deltarune a great game! I don’t think it will top Undertale, but it doesn’t need to. I believe it will be great even if it was just 50% of what Undertale was. I cannot wait for the rest to get released. It will be a instabuy for me. 3 hours ? 7
Night in the Woods I’ve watched full playthrough of this game, and watching it made me think about life in general plenty of times. It has existencial topics, it touched on mental health issues, had dark themes and gay relationship. I really loved the story the game told us and boy it was great. At first it was boring, but at the end, I’m so glad I saw it all. Definitely a recommendation from me. 9 hours ? 7
Changed Honestly, it’s a niche game and I don’t have a lot to say about it. I wish there were more games covering similar theme. ? ? 4
Owlboy I liked Owlboy! A fun game with boss battles that were just difficult enough to make them still enjoyable. The story also wasn’t bad at all! 10 hours ? 6
Super Animal Royale

Look, I’m not a huge fan of battle royale genre, but this one isn’t that bad, it got goats in it. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a large amount of fun playing with my friends in it, shame it uses microtransactions model but I can’t really complain with 1000h+ in it, can I?

(A copy of this game had been kindly provided by @Hudeler, thank you!)

1000 hours + ? 5*
Great Troubles A furry yaoi game, heh. I enjoyed it! Vincent is cute! Wish there were more games in this genre :< ? ? 5
Ori and the Blind Forest Very very well done game. It’s fluid, with good progression, great abilities and really nice design. 20 hours ? 7.5
Ori and Will of the Wisps Similarly to previous title from this series, really good game 20 hours ? 7.5
Gunfire Reborn Very fun rougue-lite furry game to play with friends! 206 hours + Still playing 7
Disco Elysium A great political detective RPG. 25 hours ? 7.2
Tower of Time Pretty fine, although at some point I gave up. Game is not bad however. 40 hours 12 December 2021 5
Human Fall Flat Walking simulator with puzzle elements, played with someone and it was pretty ok. 8 hours Still playing 5
Payday 2 138 hours ? 4*
Armello I’m not a good strategist. 24 hours 27 December 2018 4*
Dust: An Elysian Tail Fine furry game. 18 hours ? 5
Helldivers Pretty darn fun. ? ? 5
Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop :thumbsup: 5 hours 17 August 2019 4
Slime Rancher Hell yeah, farming slimes, if only you could turn into a sl- Good game. ? ? 6
Deponia (all of it) Never again someone is tricking me into playing a game with so many damned puzzles. Fuck. ? ? 5
Hat in Time Cute and enjoyable game, cat DLC best DLC. ? ? 6.7
Portal (1 and 2) Very nice, classic ? ? 6.8
For the King Actually really fun gem, kinda wish I played it a little bit more ? ? 6.2
The Talos Principle I love such games. Sure, it’s a puzzle game, but there is just so much more to it. The themes, the lore, the philosophy. I can forgive it being a puzzle game because it just had so much in it that really made it a worthy experience. ? ? 8
Rebel Galaxy I don’t think I ever finished this game but it was alright. Space ships go vroom. ? ? 4
Guacamelee! Enjoyable! Like! ? ? 6
Mark of the Ninja I like stealth and I like designing traps. Cool stuff. ? ? 6
Door Kickers: Action Squad Really neat Co-Op game ? ? 6
Goat Simulator Why does everyone expect this game on this list? Yes, I played it, it was alright ? ? 4
Overcooked Would overcook that burger again. ? ? 5
Cat Quest 1 & 2 Meow ? ? 4
Enter the Gungeon I’m not very good at those games. ? ? 6
Frederic (and bunch of its versions) Musical games where you hit the notes to music, actually was pretty darn better than I expected. 4 hours 22 September 2018 6.1
KHOLAT While I love game with like mystery vibe that have a lot to explore and it’s kinda a walking simulator, it didn’t have enough to make me finish it. Nevertheless it was a fine and well crafted environment. 4 hours 1 February 2019 5
Kingdom: Classic Not a strategist, but was fun when it lasted 1 hour 30 December 2017 5
missed messages. Teen emotional game something ok 1 hour 14 June 2020 4
Nekojishi I played this game? For real? Well, ok, it has big cat husbendos but lol. 3 hours 17 May 2018 5
Orwell Yay, surveillance and no privacy. Let’s be the good bad guys! 6 hours 22 August 2018 5
Splatter - Zombiecalypse Now Had a few good dialogues, I wanted to try some old gem and it was pretty alright 5 hours 6 January 2021 4.6
Team Fortress 2 Heavy best class 52 hours 19 August 2020 4*
Teddy Floppy Ear - Mountain Adventure Yeah, I don’t know either 2 hours 14 July 2018 3
Amnesia: The Dark Descent Again, type of puzzle game I don’t have much of patience for, also there was some horror but who would be actually scared of that 5 hours ? 4
BattleBlock Theater Was good. 16 hours 29 July 2018 5.1
Witcher 2 Still no patience and Linux native port was garbage ? ? 5
Ziggurat Was enjoyable ? ? 5
Demonpact: Clarice I need to finish this game. It has one of the best dialogues I’ve seen in my life. 3 hours + Still playing 5
Jotun: Valhalla Edition ? ? 4
To The Moon Emotional type of game but it was good. ? ? 5
SimCity™ 4 Deluxe Edition Oh I played the shit out of it when I were a kid, a classic for me 50 hours + ? 7
SOMA Mmm, I like the monster/infection stuff ? ? 5
Butcher ? ? 4
Project Zomboid Very cool game, but the difficulty is fucked. Not for me 48 hours+ 2 June 2024 6.4
Veloren This game is a jewel, not polished one yet, but with each week the developers of this free software project keep the polishing efforts going. Their determination and organization can be an example for everyone with big projects. Game is Free Software too so everyone can join in developing this gem! ? Still playing 6
A Short Hike Great indie gem that I’ve picked up when going through mentally difficult time. It brightened my days, was a very pleasant experience to play it! 4 hours 09 March 2022 7
A NIGHTMARE’S TRIP Not a fan, but I did like the variety of characters and Bartholomew is really cute! 1.5 hours 13 March 2022 3
Delver Very neat and well made small RPG rouge-like game! 3 hours 12 March 2022 6
DUFE Masquerade Pretty fine BL game. 1 hour 13 March 2022 4
Fostering Apocalypse Enjoyable little treat of a game. But it isn’t difficult to get praise from me, just add cute little demon to your game and boom. That’s what this game does. 30 minutes 17 March 2022 6
Bard Harder Alright 1 hour 17 March 2022 3
SteamWorld Dig 2 Very well made, had my fun, somehow only got 69% of secrets even though I thought I were doing pretty good in that regard. 12 hours 11 April 2022 5.2
Cult of the Lamb Adorable game with elements of occult and cute animals. Rouge-lite part is very fun, cult simulation a bit less so but still very enjoyable. Demonic sims game for Frisk? Wonderful! 35 hours 14 January 2024 7
Children of Morta I’ve picked this one up as a result of recommendation from YT. Enjoyed its story mode when playing with my bf from time to time. It’s a nice rougelike with pretty graphics and ok story. It’s probably the first game ever I bought DLC for (100% of purchases go to a charity!). Only complaint is fairly short (for me) story campaign but other than that pretty polished game! 20 hours 27 October 2022 6
Baldur’s Gate 3 A fun RPG with well executed DnD mechanics. Had blast playing it and greatly enjoyed being able to choose paths and be myself. 175 hours 25 December 2023 7
OneShot It’s a unique experience each time a game depends on meta mechanics. Referring to you as a person playing the game, acknowledging your existence. Thanks to that you develop a different relationship with characters in the game, one that can be much more intimate and emotional. This is the main point of what OneShot was for me - it made me actually really care about its main protagonist, the puzzles that required you to interact with your own PC is also something that’s very unique for video games. Generally, similarly to Undertale, I really care about main character in OneShot and I felt very protective over Niko. Great game, love it. 24 hours 20 January 2024 7.5

Rating details

GOAT Scale is a scale of how GOAT given game is. Score is calculated in a very scientific, objective, neutral, apolitical, standardized, perfect way. In short, I'm making them up.

Scores with * at the end mark games where the overall score had to be lowered due to one of the following factors: microtransactions, forced DRM, other anti-consumer situation.

Currently awaited games:
  • Deltarune - At time of writing this is 2021, Deltarune Chapter 2 has been released and I played it (I'd hate to have it spoiled). This is an absolute banger of a game that will require years to complete. I think it's undeniable that Toby Fox is an absolute fucking genius and he might just do the impossible and beat his other absolute monster of a game – Undertale. Deltarune has it all - perfect musical finery to complement witty humor, (extremely) mysterious and leaving in suspense action in a video game. This game has heart in it already and we've only seen 2/5 chapters so far!

NSFW Video Games


There are of course certain video games which are not entirely SFW which I enjoy, here they are:

Game Description Estimated Last Time Played
Little Bitch Academia I had pleasure to play this game for about 11 hours, and I enjoyed it greatly!
It has a theme of feminization which I don’t like super much however the pace of it is incredibly slow so I didn’t mind it. When it comes to difficulty of the game it was just enough, neither too difficult nor easy, even though there was a moment where I wish the player was given more healing items. The story and all effort (cutscenes, planning, enemy design, dialogue and even sprites/textures) that was put into it were really high quality for this adult game, in fact, there isn’t a lot of adult content in it.
The best part of the game for me however was probably the humor. When it comes to humor it’s pretty similar to Undertale humor (it even references and takes inspiration from Undertale and a lot of other media plenty of times!) but with less puns.
Really good RPG Maker game, however sadly the content cuts in about the middle of what I feel would be the entire game. Which is fine, the amount of work that it must have took to make what is currently in the game must have been enormous. It’s a huge shame however that we most likely will never know the rest of the story, as the game with its lack of updates seems abandoned.
Flexible Survival There is a lot to say about this one. It’s a game, although technically it’s more of interactive story. And that’s because of engine it’s running on. I don’t think I can properly review the game without talking about its engine in this case, because it’s a very specific case. The game runs currently on Inform 7 engine. First released in 2006 even though the roots of the engine go back even 10 years before that. The entire game plays sort of as if a tool for slightly interactive e-book was used to create extensive and advanced game. It’s an ambitious open-source project contributed to by many different people that in my opinion is largely limited by its archaic engine (you can play it on some interpreters although they are kind of a pain to use, Android has Fabularium on F-Droid which is decent for that). Game includes numerous artistic representations of scenarios, characters, NPCs and locations contributed by many artists thought the years. Stories and scenarios are very well written, quests are okey even though largely limited due to lack of anything that would track goals in them. Amount of content is actually pretty good, coverage of sexual themes is also pretty wide. Game mechanics include transformation almost exclusively into anthro characters, gathering food and water, combat system, character leveling, quests, unblocking perks, and limited time to achieve goals. General premise is that the player needs to evacuate (timed event) without dying, although personally never been a fan of „do a thing before time comes to the end” so using in-game cheat options you are able to extend the time indefinitely which I certainly appreciate. All that said, the development on this game continues with help of some very passionate people, and apparently a rework in Godot engine is in progress, which is fascinating and I think project leaders made the right call on that, even though it will take massive amount of work to get it ported. All ins and outs, it’s a good game. 13-08-2023
Lilith’s Throne Lilith’s Throne is an open-source Java game. It features main story and side-quests, some contributed character arts, extensive transformation, combat, character customization, sex and slavery systems. The balancing with earning money lefts a lot to be desired, however overall the game is pretty pleasant to play. One of the stronger sides of it is how deep the descriptions of character features go – you can specify anything from color of the eyes to throat wetness and 100 other things you’d never even think of customizing. That said, most of those features only affect some text and small stats, which you likely won’t even see, but hey, it’s good when you can customize your character to its fullest. The updates are rather irregular with the main maintainer not having a lot of time for the game, however it’s still an interesting project that is probably worth looking into. 12-08-2021
The Forest Of Love Ayyy, that’s a furry short-ish game with very quality art, animations etc. Quality wise very well made game, there are only 2 acts released so that’s about 2h30m of gameplay, but still, worth checking out, it’s free! 15-03-2022
Transylvania: The EroticHorror Adventure Another very quality game that is made up of commissioned art, carefully crafted story and cool mechanics. It has its very own grotesque stylistics which it executes really well. Has elements of MtF transformation. Characters are pretty well written. There is enough content for few hours of gameplay but it is being actively worked on. 22-08-2021
Pocket Dungeon Barely a demo for the game got released but it’s a very good start. It’s an erotic Pokemon game in pixel art style that revolves around escaping the dungeon full of Pokemons. While there aren’t too many Pokemon types yet game features a sizable amount of items. There are gay and straight scenes depending on player’s choice. Kinks include Breeding, Chasity, Gender Transformation, Intelligence Loss, Mind Control/Hypnosis, Oviposition. Qute a lot of „bad endings”. 19-04-2022
Castle Nox Game is relatively small compared to other games here above, but the writing is short, very good and to the point. It is pretty linear but it is not to say there are no small variations in routes and optional content here and there. It’s focused on „bad ends” so player is expected to die a bunch of times to explore and enjoy the writing. Game is heavy on transformation themes. There is art here and there to make the game not just text based, but it is still mainly only text based. All that said, the best part for me is simply how enjoyable some of the bad endings seem to be for me (my favorite being joining the cult of Nox willingly). 04-08-2022
Rogschard, Lords and Loyalty Twine like game (HTML game) comparable in many aspects to Lilith’s Throne and Lust Doll Plus. It features character customization (pretty good in terms of choosing gender related elements (breasts, private body parts, pronouns) but rather lacking in looks customization options), well written dialogues and story, a bunch of quests, a variety of clothes (not all of them render on character preview), mechanics (farming, expanding power in game world, leveling up skills, fighting etc.). Characters are pretty good, all of them have their portraits which are well drawn and their personality is consistent with actions, likes/dislikes in the fighting scenes. Gathering resources is rather easy and staying afloat does not pose a challenge as difficulty is very relaxed. Fighting has 2 different modes, one is kind of scripted – where game expects you to defeat opponent in specific way by taking away your options like many of your skills in order to introduce story for that character, and free-hit mode where you can use all of your skills and/or use specific sexual actions to win. Game even features pretty good lore for its game world. Generally very polished, even if a bit short of a game (which is very fine! Creating such polished experience takes time). I also must say that I appreciate author’s preamble about sexual behaviors and diversity outside of game, really wholesome to read in a game focused on eroticism. 04-04-2024
GROVE Grove is a gay RPG Maker game with dragon as the main protagonist. It’s certainly in furry/scalie category as all characters are non-human anthropomorphic animals. It has what good RPG Maker games have – descriptions of even mundane objects. At some point I’ve realized that what makes a bad RPG Maker game is existence of items or environment elements which cannot be interacted with, read about, or described by the protagonist. This game has that which already puts it ahead of many RPG Maker titles. Both story and characters are pretty fine. Enemy designs are varied and differ greatly in between areas adding to the feeling of ”quality” the game gives. Main theme of the game is corruption, adventure. The encounters are pretty pleasant, neither too difficult nor too easy and game does have a fairly alright skill system. Bad ends, which of there are plenty are made of sequences of drawn images, usually short but also very satisfying – transformation, corruption being of course the main attraction to wilfully submitting to your opponents :3. At the time of review game is still in development, reaching not so high version of v0.308, this isn’t to say that game lacks content – quite the opposite, even though its in the development existing content is fairly polished and in my case lasts for about 12 hours (13 hour but I likely idled about an hour) assuming to want to explore every little detail there is. This is a fair bit of content. Even though it’s clearly an adult game, there is also plenty of charm in some of the interactions, which adds to overall feeling of the game. 26-02-2023
Broken Dreams Correctional Center Broken Dreams Correctional Center doesn’t have a lot of content right now. Like many NSFW games, it’s in development. What it does have is a great chunk of backend work - character customizations, character animations with really really big and fairly detailed engine for rendering 2d animations, pregnancy system, BDSM stuff, character stats, MOD support etc. And have I even mentioned the game is using Godot?! This beast has a lot of potential to become something really good, however I don’t think a single developer is able to turn the game in that kind of gem alone. Yet I decided to include this game on this list on the off-chance someone gets interested, see the same potential I see and decides to help out with the development. Because yes, you can contribute. 15-04-2023
FOXXX FOXXX is a decent HTML game with low amount of images that focuses on M/M content and various fetishes. It has good writing and content worth of few hours of gameplay. 06-08-2023
Lay it Bare! Lay it Bare! is a fairly small visual novel with no choices to make that tells a story of two young men who are in love. A sweet and lewd slice of life experience. 19-08-2023
Camp Buddy I’ve been questioning whether I should mention this game in here, however it had a profound effect on me and therefore it deserves to be mentioned. What I really enjoyed in this game were how relationships were built and story advanced. Sex scenes were good however they were hardly a thing I were interested in, the meaty part were the characters and story. I suppose the game made me feel longing for something, for those kind of relationships and unburdened feeling of youth, perhaps with a little note of regret. 26-01-2023
Werewolf Detective A short detective game, has a few adult themes and was a fairly cool experience. 10-03-2024
Fetid Wind Hands down one of the kinkiest entries on this list. Major themes are farts, and I’m absolutely not interested in this kink. What interested me in this game however are themes of transformation and corruption which I personally dig. At time of writing this „review” the game is a buggy mess but still should be possible to finish it. Though in general, would not recommend unless you have fart fetish, it being the main theme and all. 16-03-2024