Website links

We often find really interesting websites on the Internet. Educational, cute, uplifting, useful. And it is in the humangoat nature to share what we love. This is what this page is made for.


  • We Become What we Behold
    A short web-based game about news cycles, vicious cycles, infinite cycles. How news stories can change people’s behavior towards different groups/races of people.

  • The Evolution in Trust
    Another short web-based game by the same author about trust.

  • CopyMe
    Channel on YouTube about piracy, documented with studies. Shows a different apporach to the topic of piracy than the most common one.

  • Philosophy Tube
    One of the best YouTube channels out there. Educational, makes you think a lot and god damn Abigail uses great tunes. Whenever a new video hits I close all of my chats and prepare for amazing journey. Really really recommend you check it out.

  • Social Cooling
    Describes the problem of self-censorship.

  • Dark patterns
    Describes the problem of dark patterns often used by companies to manipulate the users.

  • Prostasia Foundation
    Child protection organization combining an evidence-based approach to child sexual abuse prevention with its commitment to human rights and sex positivity.


    A site with resources on privacy related topics. It provides a lot of alternatives to popular services and software.

  • PRISM Break project
    Similarly to, it lists a lot of security/privacy oriented software dividing it depending on platforms they run on.

  • End-to-End encryption must stay
    Blog post focusing on why war on End-to-End encryption by governments is based on really bad data. Opposing End-to-End encryption is yet another moral panic which uses children’s well-being as scapegoat for more power.


  • myNoise
    A website with many, many different sound generators that will help you relax, focus etc.

  • CyberChef
    A bunch of great tools to do all sorts of things, from decoding, formatting, extracting, decrypting to processing, hashing, compressing things.

    The first time I stumbled upon this website I were shocked, it’s 2020, you can already do this? WOW. This website allows tracking down the exact anime you want to find by uploading… A screenshot of it! It’s quite amazing how nice it is we can do this.

  • saucenao
    Similar to above but for art.

  • Chatons
    A collection of different free-software alternative services to many existing proprietary ones. You can find anything from collaborative online writing tool, video conference rooms, file sharing websites, link shorteners to encrypted text sharing. All of the instances are hosted by volunteers or free-software advocating organizations.

    There are few places on the Internet where you smile as a result of sheer love poured into a website and its design and quirks. This is one of them. Small corner on the Internet filled with pleasing web elements, sharing love and knowledge selflessly, a website properly expressing an individual, doing what Internet was invented for – connecting people. Additionally, creator of this website is indeed scientifically proven to be cute.

  • Computer Science from the Bottom Up
    A very good Computer Science book sized information guide written by Ian Wienand. Really well done job explaining many concepts.

  • Yesterweb
    A website dedicated to the Internet especially focusing on how it developed and criticising many aspects of the „new web” including lack of freedom and capitalistic tendencies. It’s about a change towards building and cultivating a better Internet.

  • JaruJaruJ
    It’s not often I recommend YouTube channels that focus of is so different, however Jaru catches my attention due to incredible attention he puts into theory crafting. He spends immeasurable amount of time to connect all of the dots and creates quality videos on theories (currently focusing mostly on Toby Fox’s games). Additionally, the way he cherishes his community and creations of artists (fanart) is exceptional. It’s clear he is incredibly thankful to have his community and spends a lot of time giving feedback to artists.

    I’m very involved with wikis in my free time. I love wikis, their communities and the basic principles behind that collaborative space. This extension allows you to find indie wikis and browse wikis hosted by corporate profit-driven parasitic entities ad and clutter free. If you use wikis, you will love this extension!

  • The Latest Kate
    Kate Allan – an author and artist behind The Latest Kate is a „mental health author and illustrator”. Their art promotes self-care and mindfullness over mental health. Their art inspires and helps many including myself. Their contributions towards healthy society in times where mental health specialists are unavailable to many are invaluable. Check out their Let’s Get you Mentally Healthy series of images.

  • Yes Porn Allowed
    A list of services and websites that are sex-positive in terms of allowed content.


As a furry (and Undertale trash), I enjoy plenty of art everyday. Everyday, I see work of amazing and talented artists, working in their free time to create free content for everyone on the Internet. This is truthly worth applause and lots of love!

  • Endertale
    Endertale is an AU (alternate universe) for Undertale, which takes place after a pacifist ending and shows how Asriel, Frisk and everyone else deal with daily life. Made by TC96. This is probably my favorite ongoing comic.

  • Half-Hearted Dreamers
    Half-Hearted Dreamers is probably my favorite finished Undertale AU comic. I just love the idea of Frisk giving half of his soul to Asriel to rescue him. I loved the comic, ask box and everything, including the game. Not every website is worth my time to save it on my disk, but this blog sure as hell is. Made by kyrio.

  • Twin Dragons
    Twin Dragons is just a cool comic about the daily lifes of the twins Kai and Cleo, born as dragon hybrids in a human world. Author: Kaya Romero

  • Dogs of Future Past
    Hands down, one of the best Undertale comics I’ve read. It’s fucking amazing. Author: Lynx

    Great comic, worth reading. Author: Emma Krogell

  • Naked King
    It’s kinda off-topic of this list since it’s a YouTube video, but I loved everything about this from animation, to music.

  • Ducan and Eddie
    This comic is precious precious precious precious precious precious precious precious precious.


I spend a lot of time with technology – computer and a tablet. This means I have to use software (and yes, I’m a Linux user). And there’s been plenty of nice finds in my life that made my life a lot easier. This is what this section is about, it is also my own thanks for everyone who contributed to those projects, you are awesome! I hope my list helps you find something new for yourself as well!

  • croc
    Sharing is caring. Croc makes that easy. It allows you to send file from device to device, everything end-to-end encrypted. You can send entire folders, multiple files, allows for resuming transfers.

  • KDE
    KDE is not a single program, but rather a suite of programs. And since I use KDE Plasma (Linux Desktop Environment, think of it as graphical part of your operating system) I use A LOT of KDE programs! KDE Connect is an absolute must have for all of my Android devices, allows for easy synchronization, file transfer or even remote mouse/keyboard! Kate is my go-to text editor, has all of the tools I need, even if it’s sadly slow with bulkier files. Dolphin is a great file manager that does even more than what I’d normally expect from it. Plasma is a Desktop Environment which I love for its customization, lightweight resource management, looks that fit what I’d expect and integration with all of the other programs. Kdenlive is my obvious choice for a video editor. I don’t really do a lot of video editing, and it provides all of the functions I really need. And this is just to name a few! KDE has extremely diverse suite of programs, from games to drone controllers see them all on this list!

  • KeePassXC
    KeePassXC is my preferred program for storing my passwords. Clean, fast, reliable and open. Wonderful application for what it does.

  • rclone
    Great application to sync data to a cloud without pain!

  • Firefox
    Firefox is not without issues, controversies and so do like. Yet it still doesn’t change that it’s my used browser. After heavy customization it can be private, and you can use it knowing you are supporting open, non-monopolized web!

  • mpv
    Not everyone’s cup of tea, but this is hands down the cleanest, giving best performance, most stable media player I’ve used. Not only that, combined with scripting and shaders it easily beats any other media player I’ve ever seen or used.

  • Syncplay
    Speaking of mpv, Syncplay is a wonderful addition to it! It allows you to watch media (youtube videos, movies, anime) with your friends, synchronized! One can pause the watching for everyone, deal with interruptions and continue watching, while having chat and many other helpful for watching features. It’s a gem that one only wonders why is so unpopular.

  • BorgBackup
    BorgBackup is THE backup program. It offers plethora of features helping with managing the backups, compressing them and deduplicating files, while keeping versioning and security in mind.

  • waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan
    My favorite solution for upscaling drawn images.

  • gallery-dl
    Honestly, the amount of time saved by this little utility can be just “wow”. It’s a swiss knife of image downloading.

  • TOR
    With all of doubts I have about actual privacy gained from TOR, I’d be lying if I said that TOR project does not have amazing goals in mind with developing software and ecosystem they do.