Website links

We often find really interesting websites on the Internet. Educational, cute, uplifting, useful. And it is in the humangoat nature to share what we love. This is what this page is made for.


  • We Become What we Behold
    A short web-based game about news cycles, vicious cycles, infinite cycles. How news stories can change people’s behavior towards different groups/races of people.

  • The Evolution in Trust
    Another short web-based game by the same author about trust.

  • CopyMe
    Channel on YouTube about piracy, documented with studies. Shows a different apporach to the topic of piracy than the most common one.

  • Philosophy Tube
    One of the best YouTube channels out there. Educational, makes you think a lot and god damn Olly uses great tunes. Whenever a new video hits I close all of my chats and prepare for amazing journey. Really really recommend you check it out.

  • Social Cooling
    Describes the problem of self-censorship.

  • Dark patterns
    Describes the problem of dark patterns often used by companies to manipulate the users.

  • Fck DRM
    Describes the problem of DRM.


    A site with resources on privacy related topics. It provides a lot of alternatives to popular services and software.

  • PRISM Break project
    Similarly to, it lists a lot of security/privacy oriented software dividing it depending on platforms they run on.


  • myNoise
    A website with many, many different sound generators that will help you relax, focus etc.

  • CyberChef
    A bunch of great tools to do all sorts of things, from decoding, formatting, extracting, decrypting to processing, hashing, compressing things.

    The first time I stumbled upon this website I were shocked, it’s 2020, you can already do this? WOW. This website allows tracking down the exact anime you want to find by uploading… A screenshot of it! It’s quite amazing how nice it is we can do this.

  • saucenao
    Similar to above but for art.


As a redditor I feel a great responsibility to share what I love. This includes some smaller subreddits that I think may be useful for everyone.

  • /r/wholesomememes
    It’s a subreddit with memes to warm your heart.

  • /r/changemyview
    Discussion, this is what the reddit is for. /r/changemyview is a subreddit for people with an opinion that they accept may be flawed, and who want help in understanding other perspectives on the issue. Being open-minded is a must.

  • /r/GameDeals
    If you are a gamer, you should probably watch closely this subreddit.

  • /r/tipofmytongue
    Can’t remember the name of that movie you saw when you were a kid? Or the name of that video game you had for Game Gear? This is the place to get help.


As a furry (and Undertale trash), I enjoy plenty of art everyday. Everyday, I see work of amazing and talented artists, working in their free time to create free content for everyone on the Internet. This is truthly worth applause and lots of love!

  • Endertale
    Endertale is an AU (alternate universe) for Undertale, which takes place after a pacifist ending and shows how Asriel, Frisk and everyone else deal with daily life. Made by TC96. This is probably my favorite ongoing comic.

  • Half-Hearted Dreamers
    Half-Hearted Dreamers is probably my favorite finished Undertale AU comic. I just love the idea of Frisk giving half of his soul to Asriel to rescue him. I loved the comic, ask box and everything, including the game. Not every website is worth my time to save it on my disk, but this blog sure as hell is. Made by kyrio.

  • Twin Dragons
    Twin Dragons is just a cool comic about the daily lifes of the twins Kai and Cleo, born as dragon hybrids in a human world. Author: Kaya Romero

  • Dogs of Future Past
    Hands down, one of the best Undertale comics I’ve read. It’s fucking amazing. Author: Lynx

    Great comic, worth reading. Author: Emma Krogell