In the past (2018) I had this bit on my website.

A screenshot from old version of my personal website which gathered a bunch of questions someone could ask me after reading my website. The screenshot shows question 4 that reads „Wait, are you otherkin?” with an answer directly below reading „No.”

Years went by and if I had to answer this question again I don’t think I’d answer with a no.

If we define otherkin as “people identifying themselves as partially or entirely nonhuman” then it’s a pretty wide range of interpretation.

I do have a fairly radical idea of not being very… Keen on thinking of myself as part of a human race. It sounds silly, it sounds outright mad, but I think the root of this is the realization of how barbaric human race has been and still is. The association with this kind of history and present feels like a burden, even though I’m not actively participating in savage behavior that is causing this disgust in myself.

That’s why there is certain comfort in identifying yourself as something else than a human.

But then as usual, it begs the question, what it even means for me to say that? Sure, I might not identify as a human but my body is still 100% human right? The DNA in my cells is human, my limbs look human, my face matches what we expect of a human, so what’s the difference?
And well, at the moment my humanity in terms of physical body will remains fairly unchanged1. There isn’t really any way for me to change a lot in this regard, even though I’d love to (psst, FOFF plzzz), however this also begs the questions what it means for one to be human. Both in body and mind. That’s a very good question that people more clever than myself ask, but for me it’s important to realize that what makes us - us, is more than just a body. As previously mentioned, there is also mind part of us. The black box of meat computing.

In the last decade as part of growing up, being exposed to the Internet I’ve learned not to think in absolutes, to go outside of black and white labels. It’s still an ongoing process, but I think its freeing and worth it. There are groups of people who want to think the population splits into men and women, lazy and hard-working, normal and not normal, but world isn’t like that is it? It’s comforting to think in those categories but it’s just a trick of the mind. It’s also apparently “woke agenda” to go beyond this line of thinking.

So who am I again? I’m Frisk – a name I chose for myself. I’m presenting myself to the Internet as demonic goat – my fursona that developed throughout the years and will continue to change in the future. And if I had a choice, that would be me IRL, that would be how I chose to look and behave IRL, if I had a choice.

Spiritually, in mind, I’m not a human. Combine this with the fact that what makes us - us are not just the physical bodies but also our own minds which are chained to the idea of us like my collar to that metal ring in the basement, means that by going with our initial definition I’m otherkin. A label that doesn’t matter at the end, but I had to correct my past version of my website, and write about it a little bit about it too.

  1. With small exception of me walking in digitigrade configuration a lot, done that since I’ve been a kid and it had effect on my body, though not particularly dangerous one. ↩︎

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