Fursona Reference

by Whiie v.2.1 of ref

by Whiie v.2.1 of ref

Frisk is a fursona1. He is a male goat, usually portrayed around 18-20 years old2.


Frisk is about 1.6 meter (5 ft 2 in) tall, masculine looking anthropomorphic goat. Fur is in majority a dark shade of gray#434242#575657 with lighter gray#6f6e6e on chest and head. Rather slim in posture.

He has goat muzzle, red#a7231e irises and black#000000 – mostly circular but slightly horizontal pupils, sloppy ears (6.5 cm long), short hair. Fur on head is dark gray#575657 with lighter part#6f6e6e on the muzzle. A pair of domestic goat horns curved to 90 degrees, medium length, about 17 cm long white#d4d4d4 horns in style of British Alpine goats but coming more from side of head rather than center. Long goat-like tongue.


A very flat and slim chest.

🐾 Hands

Pawbs with white#d5d0d2 beans.

🍆 Genitalia

Small (erect 9 cm) bulge.

🍑 Butt

Slim backside with medium sized (25 cm long) imp-like black#000000 spaded tail.

🦵 Legs

Rather slim legs.


Has two different variants which are changed based on mood and circumstances.

🐾 Paws

Can transform his feet into medium sized paws 19 cm length.

Cloven hoof

Can transform his feet into cloven hoofs making them unguligrade.

💍 Accessories

Leather-like collar with metal ring. Yellow#ecec25 ear tag at the bottom end of left ear.


Frisk is optimistic, stubborn, sometimes mischevious but mostly kind and gentle. Sometimes child like mode activates and he is incredibly immature.


😈 Demon

This trait might be a little spicy for some. I really really like it though. I feel like Frisk being a lower demon really fits not only his character but also adds some details to the appearance that personally I simply enjoy. Characteristics that I personally find connected with this trait are for example mischievousness, slyness. tagram It also allows him to have a little bit of transformative powers like in case of feet.

🐱 Neko lover

Frisk is really into cats and cat behavior. You can hear him sometimes meowing or exhibiting other cat-like behaviors.


Version Changes
2.1 Added some details to tail, improved phrasing and added color preview functionality
2.0 First public release

  1. Fursona: an anthropomorphic character, more on that at WikiFur ↩︎

  2. While it’s the “usual” age, character doesn’t really have any specific age. I find concept of age in fursonas flawed and way too dynamic to be specified. He is all different ages across entire time-space continuum ;) ↩︎