I use microblog kind of like tweeting but on my own website. You can technically also read me on Mastodon however I generally stress over social media reactions to my posts so prefer to have my blog on website.

Watching a billionaire and awful human being lose his mind over overpriced social media platform he bought is utmost delightful.
Probably the only redeeming quality of Twitter is that there are furries on it.
Never let Windows people create Python environment, or they will npm your pip.
Is expectance of other people to be heroes, courageous warriors for freedom and peace even if they potentially have a lot to lose, a morally supported position? I don’t think so. I don’t think ANYONE should ever be expected to make sacrifices just to stand for something that will not have a real world effect anyways. There are a lot of people calling others cowards for this reason, while sitting comfortably in their very safe place of living where their family is safe and sound.
My hype for Minecraft related live content is gone. I don’t enjoy watching soulless corporate content. It just looks so canned and uninteresting.
I heavily dislike overzealous behaviors, where in pursuit of enforcing some draconian policy someone is going out of their way just to make someone’s day worse. You are not doing something right, you are just an asshole. Rules, policies are fine, enforcement as well, as long as it doesn’t go against common sense.
There is so much I want to tell, no, scream. And yet I can’t. I feel overwhelmed by everything, can’t focus. My brain is a puddle of pink goo at this point.
Every time in LGBT stories, where the LGBT part is revealed at the end, I ask myself “HOW DID I NOT SEEN THE ENTIRE LGBT THEMES BEFORE EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE SO OBVIOUS”. Today was no different after seeing an end to Bad End Theater – I cried. Wonderful game and storytelling.
In light of recent chat message reporting functionality being added to Minecraft, I want to say that I don’t feel too happy about such functionality. Not because I’m an abuser who harasses anyone, but because I don’t believe in fair implementation, that will not negatively affect responsible adults who just want to play the game on their own private server. And I do not believe Microsoft will ever be so interested in implementing proper and fair appeal process for those wrongly blocked, even though the false-positive rate of blocks is bound to be non-zero percentage.
Changing status on Discord can sometimes bring unexpected reactions, just got hit with “God loves you” by a random person, presumably because I have a very gay and demonic status.
You know you are a developer when dates start looking like version numbers
On technology used by China for racial segregation, absolutely terrifying.
Sci-Hub is awesome ❤
Looking at this year r/place makes me smile. It’s a great showcase of creativity, collaboration and spontaneous destruction. But the solidarity of different communities and interactions they made shines through the bad. r/place always will be the example that there is a place on the Internet for everyone (unless we run out of canvas).
Making food by yourself is pretty satisfying, while I don’t stride from making rather simple-medium difficulty dishes, it still feels pretty awesome to do what I want to do.
Recently I’ve been harassed over Matrix by a group of people from certain homeserver. What I find really amusing about that, was that some of them thought that sending me gore would have any effect on me. Bitch, I’ve seen shit on the Internet, I’ve moderated places for years, your feeble attempts only make me stronger.
Cute demon from game „Fostering Apocalypse”
I’ve been playing multiple games recently, and I have to say, I’m in love with cute demons. Most recent find is game „Fostering Apocalypse” which includes this adorable girl. I suppose demons in my mind represent a lot of goat like features combined with mischievous behavior, making them „cute” spins this idea into a perfect combo. Other recent find was in game „A NIGHTMARE’S TRIP” with adorable Bartholomew.
Russian dictator Vladimir Putin will fall. All dictatorships fall eventually, this time it’s time for him, threats go only so far. He tries to maintain the image of strong handed ruler, but his empire is falling apart.
This is not how a proud nation boasting about its moral superiority is supposed to look like. This is how authoritarian regime looks like. Everyone in chain of command responsible for atrocities like this are scum.
Proud of those in Russia protesting the war, you are incredibly brave people. The only way to stop the conflict with least amount of bloodshed would be internal refusal to cooperate with authoritarian state orders.
Just spent like 40 minutes trying to fix a problem, later reading on xth result of search results that the solution is to „restart Jupyter kernel”. I feel defeated, enough of work for today.
UK Government is once again considering imposing some sort of ID requirement to access pornography websites and now social media as well. This is idiotic. Anyone who ever moderated a larger Internet community knows that this does not protect children one bit (which is the argument for such regulation) and it’s giving more control to these companies that can afford identifying users. Everything about such regulations is harmful, nonsensical and needs to be stopped.
Checking out the FOSDEM conference, I want to spend some time in Matrix room, currently watching misc track
Today I moved/linked my Minecraft account with Microsoft. It took 20 minutes, and was pretty stressful. I don’t need XBox account, I don’t need Microsoft account, it’s sad I’m getting both shoved down my throat. I just want to play Minecraft as I’ve always played it.
Work on microblog part of my website has been finished! At least sort of – I still want to create a script to sync content with Mastodon and create entries right from the terminal.
I’ve finished reading „She likes homos, not me” manga and I were super emotional.
Stephanie Sterling made a great video on forced prudery in media
Hello world!