On situation in Ukraine

Below is a very messy collection of thoughts I have about Russian conflict.

I’m in no position to write about international politics, I’m no military expert, I’m no politician, I don’t know anything. Yet, today is the culmination of conflict that has been brewing on since 2014 in Ukraine, and it DOES affect me in meaningful way, and I have something to say about it, thus this blog post.

I’ve slept about 1.5 hours, got woken up by a cat, read the news and knew I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep again. Before going to sleep that day I’ve read statement by US officials that said that they believed Russian invasion is imminent. And at the end it was true. A fully fledged open war has started. In a country bordering with mine, in which I know someone dear to me.

Russia, in previous weeks have repeatedly made false claims and openly lied countless times about their actions, about their motivations and about situation. Its media have time and time again showed to be unreliable source of any information sharing, spreading (really) badly made propaganda.

I’m shaken by war. I’m a pacifist because I believe pacifism is the only reasonable stance you can have. Every time I think of wars I think: Holy fuck, what year is it? 2022. We had so much time as „intelligent” species to figure out that fighting with one another is ultra-fucking-dumb. And yet humanity still doesn’t get it, still doesn’t have enough.

Death of anyone is a terrible event. When I think of death I think of stories that will never be told, I think of all of the human connections dying and making space for sadness, despair and misery of everyone who knew given person, years and years of experience, knowledge, love, care put into this person perishing. For what, social construct of country borders? Greed of country leaders and wealthy multi millioners? Is that something ANYONE should be dying for? No. It’s not. It’s one thing that I know I’m right about.

I will never die in a name of defending a country. Some would call it cowardness, but I don’t have to explain myself to anybody. People who give orders sit safely in their bunkers when sending thousands of solders to die for a nation, for a construct we’ve made in our heads. „Protecting families and countrymen” is a scam. Solders are never there to protect their own families but protect the wealth and interests of ones making the orders.

I have no doubts that Russia is in the wrong morally and legally. Russia never proposed any meaningful solution to the problem (other than basically requesting Ukraine to capitulate) and it never engaged in meaningful dialogue, not within United Nations or in any other official capacity. The reasons for invasion given by Russian government are extremely weak and flawed, it’s a repeat of incredibly fraudulent annexation of Crimea in 2014.

With all that said, I do believe Russia will not prevail. I’m incredibly optimistic, as bad as it sounds considering the situation at hand. There are and will be causalities, that’s awful and I don’t deny it. But I don’t think Russia will win this war. Russia’s at bad place financially and while it pains me that any economical sanctions directed at entire nation of Russia will hurt Russian people as well, there is a chance this could motivate the state to back down from invasion and make directly responsible leave the office. Chances are very low, but non-zero.

I hold no ill will towards Russian citizens. But I do hope that they will stand in solidarity against Russian state for their immoral actions. Russian government does not represent Russian citizens, it uses insane propaganda to misinform their citizens, I know of this from my own nation, which also engages in insane propaganda in national medias. I know of oppression used by the state12 to censor citizens speaking out against decisions made by the government. But I believe that majority of Russian citizens are better than to believe this clear misinformation.

Putin does not rule alone. He is not the only responsible for this situation, and it’s important to remember this.


I have so much to say and yet so little I can put into words. Western nations opt-out even from financial sanctions. I feel incredibly powerless, it pains me there is little that can be done about bloodshed spilled in neighboring country. Let me state it clear – many actions of Russia in the Ukrainian territory are war crimes. Crimes that should be answered with significant and visible response. There is no place for human suffering and unacceptable human right abuses Russia and Belarus are continuously committing.

I stand with Ukraine.

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