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I've replayed this game 3 4 times (6 8 if you count each separate run). All of my playthroughs were done on neutral/pacifist route and ended with true pacifist ending. I've become so attached to the characters in this game, that after first playthrough I couldn't use fight button again. Music, atmosphere, gameplay, jokes, story... It all made this game the best I ever played. And even if it sounds daft, I've learned a lot from this game. I believe that after playing it, I'm better human being.
One year after first playthrough update
(A copy of this game had been kindly provided by @Hudeler, thank you!)
Minecraft Minecraft, oh, who doesn't know this game. I've spent so much time playing it. I followed Minecraft since official release 1.1. And when I play, I play only with my friends or on servers with minigames. Can't say this game wasn't a big part of my life, giving me a lot of fun for years. I play it to this day, and I'm not ashamed of it. I love this game. []
Factorio Factorio is a game about automatisation, machines, robots, monsters and all of the crazy stuff. Even though it's still in beta, it is very enjoyable to play. There is also modding possibilities. Worth to play, especially in multiplayer.
(A copy of this game had been kindly provided by @Hudeler, thank you!)
Terraria Duh, bosses, dying, sandbox, dying again, weird floating skulls... A classic. [GOG]
FTL: Advanced Edition Pretty challenging game in which you need to use strategy in order to destroy big annoying ship at the end. Game have many ships available and has quite a lot of content. If you like challenges and funky RNG then this game is for you. [GOG]
Super Hexagon Don't do drugs kids, do Super Hexagon. It's as addicting as any kind of drug, truthfully challenging (but not annoying) and colorful as Asriel Dremurr's attacks. Music also rocks, you will find yourself suffering just to listen more and more of the tunes. If you haven't played it yet, what are you doing? [GOG]
Oxenfree Oxenfree is a short game, it had its great moments and overall I liked it a lot. I like slightly creepy games with some paranormal stuff going on, that you have to figure out, and this is what the game offers to us. [GOG]
To The Moon To The Moon is another short game mostly loved for its story. Personally I expected a lot more sadness when first deciding to play it, but to my surprise, there wasn't much of it. The gameplay was poor but the story was pretty good. [GOG]
Stardew Valley Stardew Valley is a sort of farming simulator but also much more. At first when I saw the game I weren't too interested, it looked like another addicting and super time consuming game that will just draw me in and not let go until I fall asleep in chair. Then I bought it and downloaded, played in multiplayer and I found exactly what I expected, but now I were interested. I very much like the game, it actually has more content than I first expected.
UPDATE: I replayed the game on a new save when the 1.4 version came out, Krobus - an absolute husbendo material can now be your roommate. This isn't marriage but it gives even more adorable moments with this shadow cutie. I love it.
Alien Shooter & Alien Shooter 2 To be honest, I have a very nostalgic feeling to Alien Shooter, it was one of the first game I played as a kid. This is why I bought them two even though the games don't have a Linux version. Both played using Wine. [GOG AS1]
Need to Know Ever played Papers Please? It's sort of this experience but more focused on being an unethical government worker who protects their country from those pesky terrorists! Glory to Arstotzka the USA! [GOG]
Deltarune Ok, I know the game is a huge work in progress, only the first chapter got made and released. However it really deserves a place in here. Toby Fox games hold a special place in my heart, and I did enjoy the first chapter of the game! I'm worried about the future of Deltarune, since Toby seems exhaused after making Undertale and Deltarune, however I really hope he finds the right help to make Deltarune a great game! I don't think it will top Undertale, but it doesn't need to. I believe it will be great even if it was just 50% of what Undertale was. I cannot wait for the rest to get released. It will be a instabuy for me. [No full release]
Night in the Woods I've watched full playthrough of this game, and watching it made me think about life in general plenty of times. It has existencial topics, it touched on mental health issues, had dark themes and gay relationship. I really loved the story the game told us and boy it was great. At first it was boring, but at the end, I'm so glad I saw it all. Definitely a recommendation from me. [GOG]
Changed Honestly, it's a niche game and I don't have a lot to say about it. I wish there were more games covering similar theme. [Steam]
Owlboy I liked Owlboy! A fun game with boss battles that were just difficult enough to make them still enjoyable. The story also wasn't bad at all! [GOG]
Super Animal Royale Look, I'm not a huge fan of battle royale genre, but this one isn't that bad, it got animals in it. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have some fun in it.
(A copy of the game has been kindly provided by @Hudeler, thank you!)
Great Troubles A furry yaoi game, heh. I enjoyed it! Vincent is cute! Wish there were more games in this genre :< Couldn't find a download
Ori and the Blind Forest Very very well done game. It's fluid, with good progression, great abilities and really nice design. [GOG]
All Most of the games listed above have Linux version available.

A list of games I haven't played, but I'm looking forward to play them

Heartbound is a very promising game. It has a beta version (more like a demo) and it is not released yet. It has a lot of promising features and implements something like community ARG solving. Worth a shot. Kickstarter page (already ended)

Witcher 3
Sorry CD Projekt RED. Your game is amazing but... No tux, no bux.


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